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Virtual exhibits

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The Billings Family virtual exhibit

The Billings family house

The Billings Family virtual exhibit [PDF - 5.5 MB] presented by the City of Ottawa Archives, gives a view of the Billings Family and their interactions with the growing city center of Ottawa and Billings Bridge Village. The histories are written from the perspective of one family’s experiences and activities, within the context of Ottawa’s development as a city.

Witness of Change: Visions from the Andrews-Newton Photographs

A virtual exhibit: Ottawa becomes the capital

One hundred and fifty years ago Queen Victoria chose Ottawa as the capital of the United Province of Canada. As one of the oldest and the fourth largest municipality in Canada, the City of Ottawa has a story to tell that encompasses but is also distinct from its role as the national capital. The stories of the many communities that comprise Ottawa have been overshadowed by its identity as the nation’s capital. At the same time, this is very much a national story, relevant to all Canadians as outlined in the virtual exhibit: Ottawa becomes the capital [PDF - 5.153 MB]

Time Traveller App

Image: To illustrate what the Time Traveller app looks like.

Inspired by Canada's 150th anniversary celebration, the City of Ottawa Archives created Time Traveller—a mobile app providing access to Ottawa’s history and its landmarks. The app allows you to travel through time to discover places, events and people that shaped the City of Ottawa since Confederation. Using the interactive map, users choose a story based on a location, a timeline or a random story.

Due to ever changing technology, the app is no longer supported. The app will be sunsetted on both platforms by the end of 2021.

If you are interested in learning more about the app, please contact us.