The banner program allows for a temporary sign other than a poster sign and is a decorative banner or a street banner to be installed on City of Ottawa owned poles or utility poles with the approval from the respective owner of the pole in accordance with the Signs on City Roads By-law (2003-520).

Banner permits can be issued at any time and are valid for up to 1 year.

All banners must comply with the City of Ottawa Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising Policy:

Before you begin

1. General Provisions

The following general provisions apply when establishing all forms of advertising:

  • Advertising must comply with federal and provincial statutes, municipal by-laws, policies and procedures of the City, and applicable standards set out by the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards.
  • Advertising content is encouraged to follow the City’s Bilingualism Policy and Accessibility Policy.
  • Advertising opportunities should be appropriate to the target audience.
  • The City will determine on a case-by-case basis if the advertising opportunity is a competitive or non-competitive bid process.
  • A competitive opportunity will follow parameters within the Delegated Authority By-law.
  • Advertising agreements shall be in writing and shall outline the mutual benefits, fixed terms and duration of the contract.
  • Advertising agreements shall not in any way solicit future consideration or influence or be perceived to influence the day-to-day business of the City.
  • Past advertising agreements shall not be regarded as a commitment for future agreements.

2. Advertising Provisions

The following advertising provisions apply:

  • Advertising assets must not impact the quality and integrity of the City’s properties, programs, buildings, streetscapes, software or digital spaces
  • Digital advertising must comply with any applicable municipal by-laws and policies.
  • Billboard advertising renewal agreements will follow parameters within the City’s Delegated Authority By-law.
  • Alcohol advertising will not be permitted at events geared to youth under the age of 19.
  • All political advertising will indicate that it is paid by a party or candidate, to avoid any impression that the City is supporting any party or candidate.

3. Restrictions

The City will not enter into advertising agreements with:

  • Organizations and individuals whose business is derived from or promotes tobacco, vapour, water-pipe products or non-medical cannabis through programming or events targeted primarily to youth, under the age of 19.
  • Organizations and individuals that are currently in a legal dispute with the City and/or are otherwise disqualified from doing business with the City.

What you need

  • Temporary Decorative Banner Application
  • Agreement for attachment (pole agreement)
  • Third party liability insurance ($2,000,000.00 liability with the City of Ottawa listed as an additional insured)
  • List of decorative banner locations
  • Applicable fees

Cost and Timeline


  • $73 processing fee (waived if it’s a charitable event/organization, Business Improvement Area or City Initiative)
  • $73 inspection fee (waived if it’s a charitable event/organization, Business Improvement Area or City Initiative)


  • 15-20 business days


Where to apply

Application form


Please send an email to ROWAdmin/