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Business Events

Ottawa's Economic Outlook Event

The annual Ottawa's Economic Outlook event, delivered in partnership with the Ottawa Board of Trade, examines trends and opportunities in the city's business sector and provides an insightful forecast about Ottawa's economic future. The event has been enormously successful in providing local business and economic development stakeholders with information on Ottawa's economic climate, trends and upcoming city projects.


Cindy VanBuskirk Primary
Economic Development Services
613-580-2424, ext. 28355

City Hall Calendar

The City Hall Calendar of Events lists Council and Committee meetings on a monthly basis. This calendar is a valuable resource for obtaining information on current City issues and recommendations to be considered by Council and its Committees. It is also a valuable tool for researching past approved Council and Committee reports and recommendations. Reports can be reviewed pertaining to City Hall business and its activities such as transportation, health, recreation, social services, planning, finance and environment.

Refer to the City Hall Calendar of Events to find out more about issues and events affecting your community.

Events Calendar - Invest Ottawa

The Invest Ottawa calendar provides a list of events, seminars, guest speakers and conferences in Ottawa, particularly as they relate to Ottawa’s telecommunication, photonics, microelectronics, software and life sciences business clusters and Ottawa’s research and development community. 

Visit the Invest Ottawa Events Calendar for featured events in our community.