City follows recommendation to raise flag of Israel without a ceremony

Published on
May 7, 2024
Home and community

The flag of Israel will be raised at City Hall on May 14 and will fly throughout the day in commemoration of Israel's Independence Day, as has been the practice every year since 2007. The City of Ottawa celebrates national holidays and independence days and holds flag-raising events and activities, in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada, for more than 190 federally recognized countries.

 However, after consulting with the Ottawa Police Service and stakeholders, the City is following recommendations based on safety and security considerations to not hold a public ceremony this year. This decision is based on recent intelligence that suggests hosting a public ceremony poses a substantial risk to public safety.

The City must prioritize the safety of its residents, visitors, and employees. Therefore, this year's commemoration will occur without the customary ceremony. The decision reflects a commitment to safeguarding the welfare of all Ottawa residents, while upholding principles of inclusivity and respect for diplomatic relations.