Cat and dog registration

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Service animal registration

You may know that the City of Ottawa requires that cat and dog owners register their pets, but did you also know that service animals are required to be registered as well? Registration ensures the City has the necessary information to help reunite you with your pet if it becomes lost.

Registrations can be done online at My ServiceOttawa, or in person at one of the City’s four Client Service Centres. Fees vary for different pets, but service animal registration is provided free of charge.

Registration fees

Registration fees effective January 6, 2022

Registration fees
Description Fee
for each cat/dog under 6 months of age, which is unsterilized $22
for each cat/dog 6 months of age or older, which is sterilized $22
for each cat/dog 6 months of age or older, which is unsterilized $42
for each dog whose owner has been convicted of permitting the dog to bite or attack, without provocation, a person or domestic animal: $104
for each service animal Free
replacement of first lost identification tag Free
for each additional replacement identification tag $10