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View and pay your property tax bill

Paperless billing

Sign up for Paperless Billing today

Ottawa residents can sign up for paperless billing for property taxes. You can register multiple accounts using a single email address and password. This is a secure website where you can manage, view, print, and pay your bills online.


  • Receive an email notifying you that your bill is ready for viewing with the amount, due date and link to My ServiceOttawa
  • 24/7 access to view account balance and payment history
  • Reduce paper - fewer envelopes, stamps and cheques
  • Pay online by payment card
  • Switch back to paper anytime

It’s easy and free to register for paperless bills

  1.  Sign in to your My ServiceOttawa account.
  2.  If you don’t have an account, create one.
  3. Once you are signed in, click on Property Tax under the Services Menu– you’ll need your tax roll number and access code from your most recent City of Ottawa tax bill.
  4. Click the “Change Billing Method” button, and then select Paperless. You will no longer receive a paper bill in the mail.                                       

Changing your email for paperless bills

It is your responsibility to update your email address through My ServiceOttawa.  Your participation in the program will be cancelled if your email notification is returned as undeliverable.
If you would like to change the email address that is currently on file with My ServiceOttawa, please use the following link to the instructions:   Change email address

Visit our YouTube page and click “show more” for the descriptive video text.

Online through your financial institution

Most financial institutions offer online or telephone banking. To set this up, in your bill payment options, select “Ottawa Property Taxes” as a payee and input the 19-digit tax roll number shown on your tax bill as the “account number” for payments. If this does not work, contact your bank’s help desk.

Pre-authorized debit plans

The Pre-authorized Debit Plans (PAD) offer you the convenience of having no worries about overdue payments and can help you avoid large lump-sum payments. Enrolment in the Plan is free and there are no service charges that apply.

Step One – Pay your current bill

Your tax account must be at a zero balance to qualify for this plan.

Step Two - Enrol

There are several ways to enrol:

  1. Log in to My ServiceOttawa, and follow the instructions.
  2. Open the Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Plan Form [ PDF ] fill in the appropriate information and send it to Revenue at
  3. Request hardcopy form in writing to City of Ottawa, Revenue Services, 100 Constellation Drive, 4th Floor East, Ottawa ON (K2G 6J8), or fax to 613-580-2457. Please include your name and address.
  4. Contact us by phone at 613-580-2444, (Transactions will be recorded) (TTY 613-580-2401). Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (September to May) 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (June to August) or by email at

Option 1: Monthly Payments

Select the day of the month for the withdrawal of your payments (the 1st, 8th, 15th, or 22nd). If no box is selected payments will be withdrawn on the 1st. If more than one box is selected, payments will be withdrawn on the first option checked. 

Standard – Enrollment - registration must be by November 30: Withdrawals from January to October equivalent to 1/10th of the previous year's taxes from January to June and the balance of the current year's taxes (excluding supplementary billings) equally from July to October.

Late – Enrollment – registration must be by January 10: Withdrawals from February to October equivalent to 1/9th of the previous year's taxes from January to June and the balance of the current year's taxes (excluding supplementary billings) equally from July to October.

Mid-point – Enrollment – registration must be by April 15: Withdrawals from May to October equivalent to 1/6th of the previous year's taxes in May and June and the balance of the current year's taxes (excluding supplementary billings) equally from July to October.

 Option 2: Amount due withdrawn on "Tax Due Date"

Standard – Enrollment - registration must be by November 30: The City of Ottawa will process a debit equivalent to the taxes as billed (excluding supplementary billings) on the due dates approved by Council. 

Mid-point – Enrollment – registration must be by April 15: The City of Ottawa will process a debit equivalent to the taxes as billed (excluding supplementary billings) on the due dates approved by Council.

Step Three - Attach a void cheque

Attach an unsigned cheque marked "VOID" to your enrolment form. 

Your void cheque must be for a valid chequing account at a Canadian financial institution. A line of credit or credit card cheque is not acceptable. If you do not have a void cheque, please submit a banking letter from your financial institution detailing your bank account information.

If you wish to have deductions withdrawn from an account that does not belong to one of the registered owners of the property, please submit a letter of undertaking from the financial institution.

Step Four - Send the form and void cheque to the City

Send us your enrolment form and void cheque by one of these methods:

  • By email (with scanned versions of the form and void cheque) to:
  • By fax to: 613-580-2408
  • In person at any Client Service Centre.
  • By mail to: City Of Ottawa, PO Box 4647, Station A, Toronto ON M5W 0E7.

Points to remember:

This authorization will not be required each year. However, every year, you will be notified of your new payment amounts for the following taxation year.

Your pre-authorized debit (PAD) plan is NOT transferable, if you acquire a new property, you must complete a new application form.

There is a service fee for all payments refused by your banking institution. Subscribers to the pre-authorized debit (PAD) plan, who have more than three refused payments in a year, will be removed from the plan. The balance of the taxes will become due on the regular due dates and subject to standard penalties and interest of 1.25% per month for any late payments.

Supplementary Tax Bills are not included in the plan

If you are enrolled in the City's pre-authorized debit (PAD) plan and receive a supplementary bill for improvements to your property, the terms and conditions of the plan require you to pay these tax charges separately by the due date stated on the bill.

Pre-authorized Payment Plan Questions

If I register in the pre-authorized debit (PAD) plan will I receive a tax bill?

Yes. All pre-authorized debit (PAD) plan subscribers will receive a tax bill. Monthly Plan subscribers will receive their final tax bill for their review and records between the months of June and July. Instalment Plan subscribers will receive a bill indicating the pre-authorized automatic withdrawal on the two due dates, the interim and the final.

How can I change my banking information or cancel the plan?

You can update your banking information, change the date of your withdrawal or cancel your pre-authorized debit (PAD) plan on-line, log in to My ServiceOttawa. Your account information will be updated in 9 days or by the effective date you selected.


Banking information can be updated and the plan can be cancelled by completing the "Request for change(s) - Pre-authorized Tax/Water and Sewers Accounts", however, 30 days notice is required prior to your next withdrawal date.

If I register for a preauthorized debit (PAD) plan through My ServiceOttawa, do I need to send a voided cheque?

No.  If you have one or more accounts with us, and wish to have pre-authorized debit set up for all accounts, you can create an online profile and sign up online.  

Points to remember:

If you move within the City of Ottawa, your pre-authorized account is NOT transferable. You must complete a new application form.

There is a fee for all payments not honoured by your banking institution. Customers on the PAD Plan with more than three dishonoured payments in a 12 month period will be removed from the plan. Any balance will become due and be subject to the interest rate of 1.25% per month.

Last updated: November 19, 2014

Online by payment card

You can now pay property taxes online with MasterCard, VISA, American Express (AMEX), Interac  Online, MasterCard Debit or Visa Debit.

  • You will require the 19 digit property tax roll number. View sample tax bill
  • Interac Online, MasterCard Debit and Visa Debit allow you to pay online using money from your bank account. If your bank doesn’t offer Interac Online it likely offers either Mastercard or Visa Debit. Interac Online Frequently Asked Questions.
  • A service fee is applied by the service provider, Paymentus Corporation.

Pay Property Taxes Online

Go to the Paymentus website to make a property tax payment by payment card.  Please verify that you are in the secure site by ensuring that the web address starts with “https” and is

If you choose to make an online property tax payment with a credit card, Interac Online or  Debit you may do so at any personal or public internet access point.


Step 1: Click “Pay Property Taxes Online”. 

You will be taken to the third party secure website, Paymentus Corporation, where you can complete your payment.

Step 2: Enter your account information. 

You will need the 19 digit property tax roll for the property tax bill you are paying.

Here is a sample property tax bill to show where you can find the 19 digit property tax roll number

Enter your property tax roll number, and verify your property address. Select Continue.

Step 3: Enter your contact and payment information.

Enter your First name, Last name, Daytime phone number and a valid email address. You will be asked to retype your email address.

Select your method of payment; credit card, Interac Online or Debit (Mastercard or Visa Debit).

When making a payment using a credit card or Debit card; enter your card type, card number, 3 digit security number on the back of your card, the card expiration date, cardholder name, and the payment amount. Select Continue.

When making a payment using Interac Online; enter your payment amount, and select Continue.

Step 4: Confirm your contact, account and payment information.

Credit card and Debit card confirmation: Review your information and use the change button to edit your contact, account or payment information. The secure third party provider, Paymentus Corporation, charges a service fee. You must agree to the service fee, and agree to the terms and conditions of the payment prior to making the payment.

Interac Online confirmation: You will be taken to your financial institution's website where you will login to your bank account and complete your payment. You must agree to the terms and conditions of the payment prior to making the payment.

Step 5: Wait for your payment to be processed.

Please wait to receive your confirmation screen or your payment may not be processed in full.

Step 6: You will receive confirmation.

This screen will confirm your payment has been successfully submitted and you will also receive an e-mail for your records.

Note: You will only see this screen when you have completed your payment using a credit card or Debit card.

When using Interac Online, your payment will be confirmed through your financial institution's website.

Selecting End Session at anytime will return you to the City of Ottawa website.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have questions regarding my property taxes, who do I call?

For questions regarding your property tax bill, please visit the Property Taxes section or call the City of Ottawa Tax and Water Customer Services at 613-580-2444. Please have your property address and the roll number listed on your bill available when calling.

The City of Ottawa hours of operations are: Weekdays, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (June to August, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

What if I’m experiencing difficulties processing my property tax payment?

  • For technical help, please contact the Paymentus Call Centre: 1-866-577-5195
  • Or email Paymentus customer care at
  • For help understanding your tax bill, please contact the Revenue Tax Line: 613-580-2444

If I have Paymentus system technical service questions regarding making a property tax payment on line, who do I call?

For Paymentus system support questions such as difficulty with making a payment on line, please call Paymentus Customer Support Hotline at 1-866-577-5195. This support hotline is a 24 hour, 7 days a week service available in both English and French.

Or email Paymentus customer care at

What credit cards can I use to pay my property taxes?

We accept payment by MasterCard, Visa and American Express (Amex).

If I pay using Interac Online, which financial institutions support this option?

The number of financial institutions supporting Interac Online is always changing. If your bank does not currently support Interac Online you can still pay your bill using funds from your bank account by choosing to pay using Mastercard or Visa Debit.

Is there a maximum amount that I can charge to my credit card?

Yes, the maximum amount per transaction is $999,999.99. However, your personal financial institution may have preset daily limits based on your individual spending patterns. When making a large or unusual payment by credit card call and advise your personal financial institution before completing the transaction.

How will my transaction be confirmed? 

When using your credit card or Debit card, you will receive an on-screen confirmation number.  You will also receive an email receipt which will include the service fee from the third party provider, Paymentus Corporation.

When using Interac Online, your payment will be confirmed through your financial institution's website.

When is my payment credited to my property tax account?

Your payment will be recorded on the day it was submitted. Payments made before 10:00 p.m.  will be credited to your property tax account on the next business day. Payments made after 10:00 p.m. will be credited to your property tax account within two business days.

How will the payment be displayed on my credit card or Debit card?

Your statement will have two entries.  One will be for the payment to the City of Ottawa and the other will be your service fee payment to Paymentus Corporation.

What is Paymentus

Paymentus is a third party service provider that processes online Property Tax payments on behalf of the City.

How do I know my payment information is secure with Paymentus? 

When paying online, you can verify the security of the third party, Paymentus, by viewing the bottom right hand corner of the Paymentus screen where you will see an icon displaying a lock and indicating the site is secured by ‘Thawte’, Paymentus encryption security provider. 

Why is there a service fee? 

Paymentus charges a fee which covers handling and processing costs. The City of Ottawa does not receive any part of the service fee. Paymentus is an independent corporation providing a hosted service for the City of Ottawa. Ottawa City Council passed By-law 2013-191 in June 2013 allowing third party payment processors to charge a fee for handling credit and debit payments.

Can I pay my property tax bill by credit card at a Client Service Centre Counter?

We normally accept debit cards, cash and cheques at the Client Service Centres.  We do not accept credit cards at the service centre counters.  You can use any publicly available computer with access to the internet to visit and make a property tax payment online.  For the coming weeks, all counter services will be closed to the public, but we will continue to deliver services through alternate channels where available.

If I don’t own a computer, how can I pay online?

If you choose to do so, you can use any publicly available computer with access to the internet to visit and make a property tax payment online using your credit card, Interac Online or Debit card. A valid email address is required.

Last Updated: January 24, 2020

Pay your property tax bill with My ServiceOttawa

Log in or register for My ServiceOttawa to:

  • View account summary
  • View bill history and payment information
  • Print bills
  • Manage pre-authorized debit
  • Change your mailing address

To register for this service you will need a copy of your most recent bill.

City of Ottawa Client Service Centre (CSC)

Payments may be made at all Client Service Centres.   All centres will be open on the tax due date regardless of the day that particular centre is normally open.  For locations and hours of operation, visit the Client Service Centres page. Hours of operation vary depending on the location and time of year. The following payment types will be accepted: cash, Interac, cheques, money orders.  Payment of a property tax bill by credit card and Visa Debit is accepted online only.

This service is currently not available in person due to COVID-19 closures.

Drop Boxes

You can pay in person by dropping off a cheque at one of the secure payment drop-boxes located outside the main entrances of the following locations:

  • Kanata Client Service Centre at 580 Terry Fox Drive
  • Orleans Client Service Centre at 255 Centrum Boulevard

Ensure that the amount on the cheque reflects the exact amount owing, and indicates the 19-digit tax roll number as shown on your tax bill. Note that payments are processed on business days only.

By mail

Send your tax bill stub and payment to:

  • Do not fold, staple, stamp or write on payment stub
  • Make cheques or money orders payable to City of Ottawa
  • Write your tax roll number on the front of cheques or money orders
  • Mail payment to:
    City of Ottawa - Property Tax
    PO Box 4647 STN A
    Toronto, ON  M5W 0E7


Receipts and statement of taxes

To receive a receipt for payment of your property taxes, return your bill with your payment or bring your original bill to Revenue Services, 100 Constellation Drive, 4th floor East, during regular office hours. There is no charge for this service.

Should you require a record of payment of your annual tax bill or require a duplicate statement for previous years, a fee applies for each year and property. Your request can be sent by mail to Revenue Services, 100 Constellation Drive, 4th Floor East, Ottawa ON K2G 6J8.  Be sure to indicate; property address, roll number, name and the year required. Forms are located at all City of Ottawa Client Service Centres where payment for service can be made in person (please refer to the Client Service Centres hours and days of operation).

Last updated: December 31, 2015

Tax refunds

  • Refunds are processed on a first in, first out basis
  • Please allow four to six weeks to process
  • Should your refund be as a result of an Assessment reduction (i.e. Minutes of Settlement, Assessment Review board decision, etc.) an application will be sent to you automatically upon processing your reduction. Please do not complete or submit a separate refund form.