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Parking tickets (Part II Offence Notice)

Parking Ticket Options During COVID-19 Operations

Option 1 - Pay the fine

Pay your fine online

  • VISA, MasterCard and American Express are accepted on-line
  • Pre-paid or reloadable cards or gift cards are not acceptable on-line
  • In order to protect the identity of our clients and safeguard the City of Ottawa assets, a $1.50 service charge applies to each ticket payment in addition to any other service charge applied by your financial institution.

By telephone

You can call the automated payment system at 613-738-7719, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

By mail

Send your payment to:

City of Ottawa

P.O. Box 3450, Station D

Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1L4

When sending a payment by mail:

  • We only accept cheques or money orders by mail
  • Cheques and money orders are payable to the City of Ottawa. You must include the ticket number on your payment method
  • Cash or credit card payments are NOT accepted by mail
  • Payments are credited only when received and processed, not the postmarked day
  • Please note that we do not accept responsibility for late delivery of mail. Payment is credited only when it is received at our office, not the postmark date.

Option 2 - Initiate an Online Review

  • Complete this form
  • Application will be reviewed and responded to within 3 business days.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of your review, you may proceed to Option 3 - Requesting a trial date.

Option 3 - Requesting a trial date.

Trial Request UpdatesIf your request for trial is approved, you will receive a trial date in the mail once court offices are open. To find out the status of your case, please visit the Provincial Court Look-up Tool.

Other Parking Ticket Services

Other parking ticket services are not currently available due to COVID-19 Closures. For more information, please call the POA office by dialling 3-1-1 and choose option 3.

Parking ticket samples

“D” and “H” Parking Tickets – Electronically issued ticket
“D” and “H” Parking Tickets – Electronically issued ticket
“G” Parking Ticket – Handwritten ticket
“G” Parking Ticket – Handwritten ticket

“F” Parking Ticket – Federal ticket
“F” Parking Ticket – Federal ticket