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Construction and Infrastructure projects

Commuting tips

  • Plan on heading home from downtown a little later than usual:
    • Consider staying downtown after work to run an errand, go out for dinner with a colleague or friend, see that movie you’ve been wanting to see, or plan to get your workout in before heading home.
  • If you don't have meetings and it’s an option, work from home—all day or head home early the afternoon and finish up your work day there. 
  • For those who must travel during the peak hours, the City strongly advises you to take public transit so as to avoid congestion on the 174 and other major arteries - OC Transpo’s travel planner makes planning your trip using public transit easy and accessible:
  • If you must travel by car, consider carpooling with colleagues or neighbours to help ease the strain on the City’s road network.
  • Cycle: Cycling maps and information – detailing bicycle pathways and lanes throughout the city.
  • Finally, make use of some of the tools the City offers to stay on top of the latest traffic news as it relates to your route to work:

Federal /Provincial Infrastructure Funding Program