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About Ottawa Fire Services

A message from Fire Chief Ayotte

Image of Fire Chief Ayotte
Fire Chief Ayotte

Ottawa Fire Services prides itself on being a modern fire service that evolves with the community it serves. We are committed to recruiting a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience, fully understanding that sustaining our modern service begins with our personnel.

As one of the largest composite fire services in Canada, teamwork is critical to our service. Our many divisions work together to protect the 2,796 km2 of our nation’s capital, while remaining committed to continuous improvement and innovation.

Although fire suppression is the Service’s most visible division, Ottawa Fire Services does much more than fight fires. Our Fire Service is equipped with industry-leading special operations groups that provide hazardous material responses and a variety of technical rescues including water rescue, auto extrication, wildland fire operations, and confined space. In addition to these capabilities, Ottawa Fire Services boasts a robust public education team that serves as the first line of defence against fires. This team also includes investigators who determine the cause of each fire, while inspectors ensure buildings meet the Fire Code.

Our Service is prominent within our city, making community leadership a crucial part of serving in the Fire Service. Our people are dedicated to providing an elite and professional service, which has been entrenched in our long history.

As Chief, I assure you that Ottawa Fire Services can provide a challenging and rewarding career that will foster personal growth. I’ve dedicated my career to the Fire Service and would do it all over again, if I could.

I want to personally thank you for considering joining the Ottawa Fire Services and the City of Ottawa.

Thank you,

Kim Ayotte
Fire Chief
Ottawa Fire Services

Our services

OFS responds from 45 stations located across the City of Ottawa. Collectively, these stations provide service to over 950,000 residents across 2,796 square kilometres.

The OFS team is comprised of career fire fighters, volunteer firefighters as well as inspection, education, safety and communications personnel.

When compared to the largest metropolitan fire departments in Canada, OFS serves a geographic area that exceeds the total combined area served by fire services in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary. Additionally, OFS’s coverage is more than four times that of Toronto, Canada’s most populous city.

OFS personnel provide many valuable services to the community including:

  • Public fire safety education;
  • Application of fire safety standards and enforcement, including thorough fire cause, origin and circumstance evaluations, Fire Code compliance, investigations, fire inspections and risk assessments;
  • Effective emergency response, including fire suppression and medical emergency calls, and rescue operations (e.g. water/ice rescue, automobile extrication, confined space, trench, collapse and high angle) and special operations such as responding to hazardous materials calls; and
  • Recruitment outreach and community engagement campaigns such as Camp FFIT (Female Firefighters in Training).

Learn more about Fire Prevention and Public Education service offerings.

Our divisions

Operations (Urban, Rural and Special Operations)

This division is responsible for Fire Suppression which consists of fire rescue, tiered medical response, training and incident management.

Special Operations is responsible for water/ice rescue, auto extrication, confined space, trench, Fire Support Unit, collapse and high angle rescue; hazardous material responses; wild land fires; Urban Search and Rescue; Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive response)

Training and Safety

The OFS Training Division plays an integral role in helping the Service live up to its mission. Certified instructors are responsible for researching and providing the most up to date training for the entire Fire Service. Suppression staff receive the bulk of training, in the form of monthly or in-station training.

The Training Division also plays a key role in the recruitment and training of new fire fighters to the city.

The goals of the Safety Division are to develop, implement and maintain programs to meet the highest possible level of safety for all Ottawa Fire Services’ personnel. The Division is actively engaged in fostering a culture of safety, learning and service excellence that is supported by a highly reliable Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Community Standards and Communications:

OFS prides itself on being highly visible within the community and takes as many opportunities as possible to engage and educate the public on fire safety. Education, inspections, investigations and code enforcement are crucial tasks carried out by our Fire Prevention Officers.

We continue to advance our public education programs as the community and population continue to grow. Fire safety programs include inspecting for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, educating the public on the need for escape plans, distributing fire safety educational materials to residential owners and occupants, releasing public service announcements and connecting with residents through social media.

The Communications Division is the nerve center that enables OFS to provide effective fire protection and emergency response across the City of Ottawa. The Communications Division contributes to reducing intervention time (total time from the moment a call for service is received to the moment personnel are on-scene), injuries and loss of life and property due to fires and other emergencies. The Communications Division creates a safer working environment for emergency responders through the transfer of information from bystanders/witnesses to responding personnel.

Operational Support Services:

Provides services requiring expertise to support core operations, programs and/or activities (i.e. shift schedulers, performance analyst, purchasing and contract administration, GIS and FDM support).

Mission, vision & values


Ottawa Fire Services protects the lives, property and environment for the citizens of and visitors to the City of Ottawa.


Ottawa Fire Services will be a modern and integrated fire service that operates seamlessly, employs highly-productive and highly-motivated people, uses innovative practices and technology, and strives to be better each and every day.

The goal of Ottawa Fire Services is to reduce or eliminate loss of life and property. In order to meet this goal, Ottawa Fire Services:

  • Encourages a culture of public fire safety and strives to empower members of the community with the knowledge and tools required to prevent fires, and
  • Enhances emergency responses through continual training of staff, identifying change opportunities and managing service priorities.


OFS values are standing together, working together, serving together, as reflected by teamwork, honour, integrity, commitment and pride. Its motto is “Protecting Our Nation’s Capital with Pride”.

Performance and Key Reports

Key Reports and Documents

Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI)

In 2014, Ottawa Fire Services (OFS) received accredited agency status with the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI), becoming one of only six (6) accredited agencies in Canada. Since first being accredited, OFS has implemented the Commission’s accreditation model and recommendations, by strengthening our internal culture and labour relations, building positive relationships within our community and by bring at the forefront of innovation and improvement.

OFS is proud to have received its first re-accreditation in 2019, where our efforts were demonstrated by the continuous improvement models developed through the process, including a comprehensive Strategic Plan, a Self-Assessment Manual and a Community Risk Assessment Standards of Cover.

These documents provide a comprehensive look at each division within OFS and its deployment strategies to ensure that we are operating efficiently and effectively in comparison with industry standards. These documents were examined by peer evaluators from the CFAI which includes leaders from fire services around North America and then defended against in front of the board of the Commission for CFAI.

CFAI accreditation is an important pledge to our community that we are striving to offer the best services possible. It is also a confirmation that we are holding ourselves accountable to keep the City of Ottawa safe and secure.

Looking Ahead 2020-2022

OFS is developing a new strategic plan for 2021-2024 that will include clear objectives and priorities that align with the City of Ottawa’s Strategic Plan and in accordance to the CFAI model. It will also include strong performance measures to ensure OFS is successful in achieving its goals. Feedback from staff and residents will be incorporated into the new strategic plan which will help guide OFS for future planning.

Since the implementation of a new performance measurement framework developed as part of the CFAI process, OFS will continue collecting data that is aligned with its new response standard. This performance measurement framework forms the basis of the annual compliance report that is a requirement to maintain ‘accredited agency’ status for CFAI while ensuring continuous improvement.

As the population of Ottawa continues to grow, OFS will continue to focus on fire prevention, code enforcement and education outreach to reduce the number of fires and ensure residents and property owners are taking proper measures to stay safe. OFS will continue to implement new technology to make the service more efficient in delivering quality services, as it works towards development and implementing a modern traffic pre-emption system and a new scheduling solution. OFS will remain a versatile and innovative force that is seen as a leader amongst fire services in Canada.

Superior tanker shuttle accreditation

Property owners in rural communities (Districts 6, 7, 8 and 9) may be eligible for improved property insurance rates. 

On September 16, 2015 Ottawa Fire Services underwent the Commercial “Superior Tanker Shuttle” testing as part of the Fire Underwriters Survey

The purpose of the testing is to measure OFS’ ability to deliver an uninterrupted water supply of over 400GPM at the five (5) minute mark of arriving on scene in areas without hydrants (rural). This ability is a key factor (measure) used in the development of Commercial and Personal property insurance rates.

OFS exceeded test requirements, maintaining water flows of over 500GPM for an indefinite period and demonstrated they can meet the emergency needs of the rural communities within the City of Ottawa.

Here is how to see if you qualify for a decreased insurance rate:

(Note: Not all insurance companies recognize this accreditation) 

  1. If you live in or are moving to a home located in District 6, 7, 8, or 9 you should advise your existing (or potential) home insurance company that the area has achieved Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation
  2. Should the insurance agent require further information to recognize the accreditation, please contact Diane Logan at

Fire station locations

Fire station locations
Facilities Address
Platoon Office 1443 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1Z 7L9

Discover the closest fire station to your home or a new home you may wish to purchase by utilizing the bilingual In My Neighbourhood interactive map.

Fire Stations

District 1

District 1 - Fire station locations
Facilities Address
Station 11 135 Preston Street
Ottawa, ON
K1R 7P8
Station 12 635 O'Connor Street
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5H6
Station 13 530 King Edward Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1N 7N4

District 2

District 2 - Fire station locations
Facilities Address
Station 21 1300 Woodroffe Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K2C 3X4
Station 22 1397 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON
K2B 8S2
Station 23 1443 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1Z 7L9
Station 24 230 Viewmount Drive
Nepean, ON
K2E 8B6
Station 25 60 Knoxdale Road
Nepean, ON
K2G 1A5

District 3

District 3 - Fire station locations
Facilities Address
Station 31 3255 Conroy Road
Ottawa, ON
K1G 3N4
Station 32 3202 Leitrim Road
Gloucester, ON
K1T 3T6
Station 33 3336 McCarthy Road
Ottawa, ON
K1V 0H9
Station 34 700 Brookfield Road
Ottawa, ON
K1V 6J4
Station 35 2355 Alta Vista Drive
Ottawa, ON
K1H 7M6
Station 36 1935 Cyrville Road
Ottawa, ON
K1B 1A9
Station 37 910 Earl Armstrong Road
Ottawa, ON
K1X 1H7

District 4

District 4 - Fire station locations
Facilities Address
Station 41 380 Eagleson Road
Kanata, ON
K2M 1G8 (Composite Fire Station)
Station 42 1021 Teron Road
Kanata, ON
K2K 1R2
Station 43 3845 Old Richmond Road
Nepean, ON
K2H 5C1
Station 44 1075 Greenbank Road
Nepean, ON
K2J 1X8
Station 45 640 Cameron Harvey Drive
Kanata, ON
K2K 1X7 (Composite Fire Station)
Station 46 34 Iber Road
Stittsville, ON
K2S 1E8 (Composite Fire Station)
Station 47 3559 Greenbank Road
Barrhaven South, Ottawa, ON
K2J 0V1

District 5

District 5 - Fire station locations
Facilities Address
Station 51 900 Montreal Road
Ottawa, ON
K1L 0S8
Station 52 6213 Jeanne D'Arc
Orléans, ON
K1C 2M3
Station 53 500 Charlemagne Boulevard
Orléans, ON
K4A 1S2 (Composite Fire Station)
Station 54 3080 Innes Road
Gloucester, ON
K1W 1C8
Station 55 2283 Portobello Boulevard
Orleans, ON
K4A 0X3
Station 56 275 Coventry Road
Ottawa, ON
K1K 3X6
Station 57 220 Beechwood Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1L 8A8

Fire Stations - Volunteer

District 6

District 6 - Fire station locations
Facilities Address
Western Sector 475 Donald B Munro Drive
K0A 1L0
Station 61 3150 Kinburn Side Road
Kinburn, ON
K0A 2H0
Station 62 6900 Harbour Street
Fitzroy Harbour, ON
K0A 1X0
Station 63 341 Bayview Drive
Constance Bay, ON
K0A 3M0
Station 64 475 Donald B Munro Drive
K0A 1L0
Station 66 3285 Dunrobin Road
Dunrobin, ON
K0A 1T0

District 7

District 7 - Fire station locations
Facilities Address
Eastern Sector 6090 Rockdale Road
K0A 3H0
Station 71 1246 Colonial Road
Navan, ON
K4B 1N1
Station 72 2445 Old Montreal Road
Cumberland, ON
K4C 1C5
Station 73 6090 Rockdale Road
K0A 3H0

District 8

District 8 - Fire station locations
Facilities Address
South West Sector 1643 Main Street
Stittsville, ON
K2S 1A5
Station 81 1643 Main Street
Stittsville, ON
K2S 1A5
Station 82 6280 Perth Street
Richmond, ON
K0A 2Z0
Station 83 2352 Roger Stevens Drive
North Gower, ON
K0A 2T0
Station 84 3449 Old Almonte Road
Corkery, ON
K0A 1L0

District 9

District 9 - Fire station locations
Facilities Address
South East Sector 5669 Manotick Main Street
Manotick, ON
K4M 1K1
Station 91 8011 Victoria Road
Metcalfe, ON
K0A 2P0
Station 92 3110 Nixon Drive
Osgoode, ON
K0A 2W0
Station 93 6891 Parkway Road
Greely, ON
K4P 1E3
Station 94 5669 Manotick Main Street
Manotick, ON
K4M 1K1


Administration Fire station location
Facilities Address
Headquarters 1445 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1Z 7L9

Education & Prevention

Education & Prevention locations
Facilities Address
Prevention and Education 101 Centerpointe Drive 3rd Floor
Nepean, ON
K2G 5K7
Safety 1443 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1Z 7L9
Training 898 Industrial Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1G 3Y8

Additional information about our fire stations

Ottawa Fire Services consists of forty-five (45) fire stations strategically located within the City of Ottawa. This is based on population density and road networks utilizing the best station response to the emergency. The City of Ottawa is divided into nine response districts which are broken down into forty-five (45) station response zones. Career firefighters staff twenty-nine (29) Urban stations (4) of which are composite stations with a combination of career and volunteer resources). Volunteer firefighters service sixteen (16) Rural stations. Together they provide a response capability which includes, but is not limited to; fires, auto extrication, medical services, hazmat response, technical rescues (water, trench and high angle) fire prevention and education. Stations are equipped with a combination of various apparatus, strategically located throughout the City, including; Pumps, Tankers, Ladder Trucks, Rescue Trucks, Boats, Brush Trucks  and  ATV’s.