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Water meters and repairs

Your water meter

Your water meter is how the City of Ottawa ensures you are only billed for the water you’ve used. If you experience issues with your water meter, please contact the City using the methods below.

Water meters and repairs

To track water usage and ensure customers are billed only for the water they use, every household, business and facility located within municipal boundaries is equipped with a water meter.

Frequently Asked Questions on Water Meters

How do I take my meter reading?

Taking a meter reading is as easy as reading your car odometer.  Water meters are generally located in the basement of your house, usually on the front wall. Your meter will display a six to nine-digit number depending on the model of the meter installed in your home. If your meter is digital you will need to shine a light on the meter for the number to display. Water consumption is recorded in cubic metres (m³). If you are unable to find your meter, call us as we may have location information on file.

Can I have my water meter tested for accuracy?

Water meters either record consumption accurately or start under-registering with age, however if you would like to have your meter tested you can request the water meter be tested for accuracy.  Should the testing prove that the meter is not over-registering, it is your responsibility to pay for the test.