Cleaning the Capital - Fall 2016 dates

August 15: Early bird registration begins
Register your litter pickup or graffiti removal project by September 14 to be eligible to win an early bird prize donated by our generous sponsors.

September 15 – October 15: Spring Cleaning the Capital campaign

September 23 – 25: Capital Cleanup Weekend
If your project takes place during Capital Cleanup Weekend, a campaign sponsor and/or your city Councillor may visit your team during your registered cleanup!

October 15: Registration ends

October 31: Deadline to submit your online cleanup report
After you have finished your cleanup project, please submit your online cleanup report. Submit it by September 31 and your team will be entered in a draw to win prizes donated by our sponsors. You will need your registration code to access your cleanup report.

For more information on Cleaning the Capital, please visit our Background Information page or call 3-1-1.

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