How City government works

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Who is your City government?

The City of Ottawa is governed by an elected 25-member City Council comprised of the Mayor, representing the city as a whole, and 24 Councillors, representing the city’s individual wards. The Mayor and City Councillors serve four-year terms. The current term began on November 15, 2022 and ends on November 14, 2026.

Find your ward and Councillor using the City's ward look-up tool.

How advisory committees work

Advisory committees provide advice to City Council and staff on specifically mandated areas of interest, and contribute to the development of policies, programs and initiatives. Advisory committees are composed of volunteers, appointed by Council. Advisory Committee membership is tied to the Term of Council, and recruitment takes place once, early in each Term of Council and again at approximately mid-term. If you think you may be interested in applying to serve on a particular advisory committee, attend one of their meetings to get a better sense of how it works, what it does and what is expected of its members. View the meeting listing for the specific Advisory Committee to find out who the staff contact is or contact

How City Council and Committee decisions affect you

Decisions made by City Council have a direct effect on the residents of Ottawa and impact the type, level and variety of municipal services provided to you. Council is the decision-making body responsible for the administration of the City of Ottawa and is responsible for turning community needs into municipal services including policing, water, transit, garbage and recycling, sewers, fire and paramedics.

How City Council works

In accordance with the Procedure By-law, City Council meets the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, usually beginning at 10 am in Andrew S. Haydon Hall at City Hall. Council meets once a month in March, July, August and December, and once in the October of an election year as determined by the Mayor. 

How standing committees work

City Council appoints standing committees, made up solely of Councillors, (with the exception the Built Heritage Committee which include Members of Council and citizen members), to study specific issues before bringing them to a meeting of City Council. It is at the standing committee/commission that you may make a five-minute presentation and voice your opinions and provide feedback on City issues being considered by the committee/commission, before recommendations are given to Council. To make a presentation, you can contact the staff member responsible for the standing committee/commission in advance of the meeting or you can sign up to make a presentation at the meeting. View the meeting listing for the specific standing committee/commission to find out who the staff contact is or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401).

Find your ward and Councillor

City wards

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City Wards
Ward Number Ward Name Councillor
1 Orléans East-Cumberland[ PDF 2.3 MB ] Matthew Luloff
2 Orléans West-Innes [ PDF 1.6 MB ] Laura Dudas
3 Barrhaven West [ PDF 4.5 MB ] David Hill
4 Kanata North [ PDF 2.9 MB ] Cathy Curry
5 West Carleton-March [ PDF 11 MB ] Clarke Kelly
6 Stittsville [ PDF 2.4 MB ] Glen Gower
7 Bay [ PDF 3.5 MB ] Theresa Kavanaugh
8 College [ PDF 3.9 MB ] Laine Johnson
9 Knoxdale-Merivale [ PDF 4.6 MB ] Sean Devine
10 Gloucester-Southgate [ PDF 4.6 MB ] Jessica Bradley
11 Beacon Hill-Cyrville [ PDF 3.4 MB ] Tim Tierney
12 Rideau-Vanier [ PDF 3.1 MB ] Stéphanie Plante
13 Rideau-Rockcliffe [ PDF 4.4 MB ] Rawlson King
14 Somerset [ PDF 3.3 MB ] Ariel Troster
15 Kitchissippi [ PDF 1.7 MB ] Jeff Leiper
16 River [ PDF 2.9 MB ] Riley Brockington
17 Capital [ PDF 2.5 MB ] Shawn Menard
18 Alta Vista [ PDF 1.8 MB ] Marty Carr
19 Orléans South-Navan [ PDF 1.7 MB ] Catherine Kitts
20 Osgoode [ PDF 2.5 MB ] George Darouze
21 Rideau-Jock [ PDF 2.6 MB ] David Brown
22 Riverside South-Findlay Creek [ PDF 1.8 MB ] Steve Desroches
23 Kanata South [ PDF 1.4 MB ] Allan Hubley
24 Barrhaven East [ PDF 1. MB ] Wilson Lo