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Gyms and fitness centres

We fit your life

It’s never been easier to get in shape. You can choose from swimming, gyms, instructor-led classes or an all-inclusive membership. Enjoy affordable, convenient and flexible fitness programs for you and everyone in your family.

Video transcript

Hi, my name is Paula Phillips. I’ve been a group fitness instructor with the City of Ottawa for the past 19 years. I’m also a personal trainer and a gym supervisor as well.

My name is Brian Robitaille. I’m the Fitness Program Coordinator here at the Richcraft Recreation Complex. I’m responsible for the Hydro Rider program which you see the bikes going in the water right now.

Hi, my name is Kristy. I work for the City of Ottawa. I’ve been a City of Ottawa employee for well over 10 years now.

I think the people love it because it’s exercise in disguise. They come in and they think they will attend a dance class and then I sneak in fitness moves and before you know it, everybody is sweating and having a good time. They love it because it doesn’t feel like exercise and that’s pretty much why to come to work out. They don’t want to feel like it’s a chore. So they just do it and enjoy doing it and enjoy the dancing. Everybody comes in smiling and happy and they leave smiling and happy.

Our indoor cycling program is conducted with a group of people to music. It’s very encouraging and people get to work out at their own pace, they get to choose their own resistance following the instructor’s suggestions on hill climbing, sprinting...that kind of thing.

One of the things I’m working on for the City of Ottawa, specifically in Parks, Rec and Culture, is often times, I hear people in our community who don’t know that we offer fitness as part of our programs and services which I find surprising because we have an abundance of fitness classes whether that be on land or in the water, whether that be through a membership or through registration based. We offer subsidies to people who have lower incomes that otherwise couldn’t afford recreation programming or fitness programming for themselves or their children. We offer fitness programming for those with special needs specifically those with cognitive or physical needs that otherwise these needs would not be met within the community. We offer programming, a vast array of programming in fact, for older adults and more and more we are creating programming for families and youth as well as partnerships with schools and sports teams in order to provide fitness services for them.

Free fitness pass - Try it

Visit a participating facility to sign up for a free Try It fitness pass. No appointment needed. Your free pass gives you three visits to participating facilities. 


  • Weight and cardio rooms
  • Squash and racquet ball courts
  • Aquafitness classes
  • Indoor cycling classes
  • Public skating sessions
  • Group fitness classes


  • Passes begin on your first day of use and must be used within 30 days.
  • Passes can only be used at participating locations.
  • Users must not have been a member of the City of Ottawa fitness within the past six months.
  • Users must be 13 years or older. 

Participating facilities

What's available

Instructor-led classes

Other access

  • Weight and cardio fitness workouts: Weight rooms have a mixture of free weights and weight machines. Cardio machines include treadmills, elliptical machines, stair climbers, rowers and stationary bicycles that are programmable for an exercise routine.
  • Squash and racquetball: Use squash and racquetball courts in 60-minute segments. Advance booking recommended.


Drop-in fees

  • Youth, student or senior: $7.75
  • Adult: $9.00

Multi-visit pass

Budget how often you plan to work out. A multi-visit pass gives you access to a single fitness activity. Choose between weight/cardio, group fitness, aquafitness, racquet sports or indoor cycling classes. The pass excludes public swimming and skating. The pass is valid for one year after the date of purchase.

Prices include HST.

  • 10-visit pass for youth, students or seniors: $66.50
  • 20-visit pass for youth, students or seniors: $122
  • 10-visit pass for adults: $82
  • 20-visit pass for adults: $149


All memberships must be purchased in person at the fitness facility. Non-residents will be charged an additional 25 per cent per membership.

An all-inclusive membership includes:

  • Weight/cardio
  • Group fitness
  • Aquafitness
  • Indoor cycling
  • Squash and racquetball
  • Public and wave swimming
  • Public skating

Class A memberships are valid at Class A and Class B facilities. Class B memberships are only valid at Class B facilities.

Membership fees

HST is included.

All inslucive membership fee for Class A facilities

1 month 3 month 6 month 1 year

Youth (13 to 18), full-time student or senior (65 and older)

$69.50 $137 $254 $449.75
Adult (19 to 64) $85.25 $168 $310.50


One to two adults and their children 25 years or under $113 $304 $558


All inclusive membership fee for Class B facilities

1 month 3 month 6 month 1 year

Youth (13 to 18), full-time student or senior (65 and older)

$66.25 $131.25 $242.25 $440.50
Adult (19 to 64) $78.75


$287.50 $520.75
One to two adults and their children 25 years or under $100.25 $279.75 $515.12


Pick one membership

The pick one membership allows you to participate in one of the following fitness programs:

  • Weight/cardio
  • Group fitness
  • Squash/racquetball
  • Indoor cycling

HST is included in the fees.

Pick one membership for Class A facilities

1 month 3 month 6 month 1 year

Youth (13 to 18), full-time student or senior (65 and older)

$53 $105.25 $192.50 $349
Adult (19 to 64) $65.75 $131 239.50 $434.75
One to two adults and their children 25 years or under $106.25 $235.25 $430.25 $781.75

Pick one membership for Class B facilities

1 month 3 month 6 month 1 year
Youth (13 to 18), full-time student or senior (65 and older) $24


$86.25 $156
Adult (19 to 64) $43.25


$155.75 $281.25
One to two adults and their children 25 years or under $74.25 $153.75 $276.75 $506.75

Corporate or group membership

  • Enjoy 20 per cent off a Class A, all-inclusive or pick-one membership for employees or members of participating corporation and groups.
  • Memberships are valid from September 1 to August 31 of each year.
  • Join anytime and only pay for the months remaining in the term. Pay in full up front or monthly.  
  • Clients who qualify and have an active corporate membership may offer the discount to their immediate family members. Immediate family members must live in the same household and include one to two adults and children that are 25 years and under. 

How to get a corporate or group membership

Register in person at any of the facilities. Bring:

  • A piece of government-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license or passport)
  • Proof of employment or group membership      

If your company or group is interested in offering a corporate or group membership, please email for more information. 

Please note: You must employ at least 10 employees or have 10 active members registered.

Facility categories

Facilities are categorized as either "A" or B" based on the number of amenities and programs. In general, class "A" facilities offer a higher number of amenities and programs.

Class A facilities 

  • Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex-Orléans
  • François Dupuis Recreation Centre
  • Goulbourn Recreation Complex
  • Kanata Leisure Centre and Wave Pool
  • Minto Recreation Complex-Barrhaven
  • Nepean Sportsplex
  • Plant Recreation Centre
  • Ray Friel Recreation Complex
  • Richcraft Recreation Complex-Kanata
  • St-Laurent Complex
  • Walter Baker Sports Complex

Class B facilities

  • Brewer Pool
  • Canterbury Pool
  • Champagne Fitness Centre
  • Deborah Anne Kirwan Pool
  • Jack Purcell Community Centre
  • Lowertown Pool
  • Pinecrest Recreation Centre
  • Sawmill Creek Pool
  • Splash Wave Pool
  • Greenboro Community Centre (no pool)
  • Heron Road Community Centre (no pool)
  • Hunt Club-Riverside Park Community Centre (no pool)

Aquafitness membership

You can purchase an aquafitness membership, or you may also get a combined aquafitness and swimming membership to take a variety of fitness classes in different depths of water.

Aquafitness membership

1 month 3 month 6 month 1 year
Youth (13 to 18), full-time student or senior (65 and older):  $53  $105.25  $192.50  $349
Adult (19 to 64)  $65.75  $131  $239.50  $434.75
One to two adults and their children 25 years or under


$235.25 $430.25 $781.75

Combined aquafitness and swimming membership

1 month 3 month 6 month 1 year
Youth (13 to 18), full-time student or senior (65 and older):  $58.75 $116.75  $213.75  $387.75
Adult (19 to 64)  $73  $145.25  $266


One to two adults and their children 25 years or under $112.50 $261.25 $477.50 $868.75

Personal training


  • Personal training helps you on your fitness journey, whether you are a beginner, or have some experience but are looking for an extra push.
  • Our trainers create customized workout plans that will motivate and support you throughout your workouts to realize your fitness goals.
  • Our highly-trained, certified professionals draw from a variety of exercise disciplines, including TRX, kettlebells, high intensity interval training and yoga.

Types of personal training

Rates are for a one-hour session. Adults 65 years and older get a 10-per-cent discount.

  • One-on-one: $64.25
  • Semi-private with a friend or family member: $49.25 per person
  • Small group of three to four participants: $24.75 per person

Book a personal training session

Pick up in person or print a Personal Training Request Form and drop it off at the facility where you would like to be trained. One of our trainers will contact you to discuss your goals and availability. For semi-private or small group personal training, all group members must pay at the same time to receive the discounted rate.     


  • Each session purchased will expire 365 days after the date of purchase.
  • All sessions must be paid in full prior to the start time of your training session.
  • Cancellations must be made 12 hours in advance of the scheduled session. Not cancelling in time may result in the loss of the session (no credit or refund).
  • Arrive wearing flexible, breathable, athletic attire and indoor athletic footwear. Bring a non-glass water bottle and hand towel.
  • Stow all personal items, including clothing, outwear and gym bags, in a locker.


Personal training is offered at the following locations.

All training sessions will be at the facility where they were purchased.

Frequently asked questions about personal training

How many sessions do I need to book?

This depends on your goals.  If you are looking for an introductory program to get started or learn about the equipment, often one or two sessions are all that is needed.  However, if your goal requires regular program updates or you require ongoing support and motivation, then booking multiple sessions and speaking to your personal trainer about the number of sessions a week, is advised.

What if I buy multiple sessions but am not comfortable with the trainer?

Not a problem.  You are not obligated to stick with one trainer.  We understand that personal training requires a level of trust and rapport.  If you do not feel that your current trainer meets your needs, you can contact the facility to speak with a Program Coordinator who will help you find the best fit.

What will my personal trainer want to know about me?

They will ask you about your fitness goals. They will also want to discuss how often you can commit to training, and if there are types of exercises or activities you prefer over others.  You will discuss realistic goal setting and expectations. This is to ensure that your goals are measurable over the course of the training program. Our trainers are dedicated to your success, and want to make sure it is done through a healthy and safe approach.

What should I expect out of my very first session?

Typically, the first session is an introductory session. You and your trainer will discuss your program, modify it if necessary, and you’ll be introduced to various exercises prescribed in the program.  The intensity level in the first session is usually lower than subsequent sessions as well, because the trainer will need to verify your level of fitness, your technique and receive your feedback.

What do I do if the other members of my small group or my partner for the semi-private, is not available to purchase the visits with me?  Will I still receive the reduced rate?

Yes. Although it is easier to approve discounted rates when all members arrive together, there is another option to qualify for these discounted rates. Please contact your facility and speak with a customer service representative.

What do I do if the other members of my small group or my partner for the semi-private, is not available for the personal training session?

You and your members can decide to either cancel the visit (with 12 hours’ notice) or you can attend the visit without the other member(s). 

Heart Wise Exercise program

Heart Wise Exercise programs are physical activity courses or activities that have low to moderate levels of intensity. They are designed for people who are concerned about their heart health and who want to participate in regular fitness programs. They are also offered to people without heart-related problems.

The programs:

  • Encourage regular, daily aerobic exercise
  • Meet stringent cardiac fitness program requirements identified by the Physical Activity Network Committee
  • Encourage and incorporate warm up, cool down and self-monitoring with all exercise sessions
  • Allow participants to exercise at a safe level
  • Have progressive options to increase intensity if appropriate
  • Accept participants with a known history of cardiac disease (physician approval may be required)
  • Have a documented emergency plan, including requiring current CPR certification, phone access to emergency medical services and access to defibrillators

Look for the Heart Wise Exercise logo in the Recreation eGuide. Programs can be found in youth, special needs, seniors and the fitness and wellness sections. For more information, email, or call 613-798-8872.

Heart wise exercise logo

The Heart Wise Exercise program is offered in partnership by the City of Ottawa, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and other community agencies.


If you have a chronic condition:

  • talk with your physician about exercise
  • follow exercise guidelines provided by your health care professional

Step with Confidence program

The Step with Confidence program is for adults 50 years and older. It answers the following questions.

  • Where do I start?
  • Which program or class is right for me?
  • Where do I go next?

Programs and classes are sorted into 3 steps that progressively increase in intensity, resistance and cardiovascular requirements.

Step 1

These programs and classes are offered at a lesser intensity

  • Strength and Balance 50+ Lite/Gentle
  • Stretch and Strength 50+ Lite/Gentle
  • Stretch 50+
  • Cardio and Strength (Older Adult)
  • Aqua-Lite

Step 2

These programs and classes offer a variety of lower intensity to moderate intensity challenges

  • Balance and Stability 50+ (Heartwise)
  • Stretch and Strength 50+ (Heartwise)
  • Strength Traning 50+ (small group)
  • Stretch and Strength 50+
  • Cardio and Strength 50+ (Heartwise)
  • Cardio (OA - Lite)
  • Yoga (OA - Lite)
  • Pilates (OA - Lite)

Step 3

These programs are not for beginners. They are designed for people who want to improve their level of fitness.

  • Low Impact 50+ (Heartwise)
  • Pilates 50+
  • Nordic Walking 50+
  • Yoga 50+
  • Party On 50+
  • Total Muscle Conditioning (TMC) 50+
  • Zumba Gold